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Land and Development Consultancy

Our approach

Our team have long standing relationships throughout the UK with a range of professionals with early access to land opportunities. We pride ourselves on a professional, quick delivery of a clients requirements, where possible with off market solutions.

Our team will always ensure integrity and discretion for clients, ensuring that until a proposal has been accepted their identity is not disclosed. This allows our team to negotiate the best terms, price and solution of a clients requirements, without the deal being directed by the clients profile or wealth.

Our approach to identifying land is unique across our sector. With a concept of delivering a clients specific requirements, we do not rely on opportunities that are already for sale, we identify opportunities that have sometimes not even been considered by the current owners. Our company aim is to ensure our practices deliver the best solutions to any requirement whilst ensuring clients satisfaction and expectations.

How we can help...

Land Acquisitions
Using the skills our core team bring to the business, our team locate all types of requirements from commercial or residential land, to residential or commercial portfolios. Working with key contacts throughout various industries we are able to obtain land that would never get to market. Our legal team negotiate on both conditional and unconditional deals to deliver the right site and the right price with all the protection in place.

Design and Planning
Our team are able to support our clients from acquisition through to the design and planning of a development that is suitable for the site, meeting local planning policy and rules. With utilising our teams expertise, we are able to collate the planning in a way that is utilising policy to support the scheme. We are able to provide financing and investment for the design and planning costs that often provide a cash exposure.

With access to a range of investors throughout the world, we have access to funding for different investment requirements. We are able to offer our clients access to funding through an FCA regulated fund at a competitive rate.

Contracting and Management of Developments
Once planning is obtained our team are able to support our clients through the process of tendering to trades, contracting and managing the development from start to finish. Providing a team of experienced and qualified consultants to support the client through the stresses of developing.

Our team are able to provide clients the services of sales and marketing of developments from off-plan block deals to post completion marketing and sales. Our team can provide a client with an understanding and comparison between various models of sales of various types of developments.

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