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Planning and Appraisal


Often planning can be the biggest obstacle to overcome with dealing with any development. Planning costs can sore and unless the site has been correctly evaluated, clients can speculate hundreds of thousands to then be refused planning and have an asset which is devalued.

Our team are experienced in planning throughout the UK and understand how to approach a planning requirement in a methodical and supported manner, to ensure before you spend huge fees, you are aware of the realistic schemes size, risks and time scales.

Further to this, we have a collection of investors who are keen to invest in financing planning costs in return of a share of the increase in the asset value. This can often be beneficial and reducing the cash outlay during the planning stages. Some of our investors will in addition offer a no planning no cost proposal on some sites, meaning clients only pay if they obtain planning.


We offer appraisal services for all land and acquisition proposals, to ensure that the opportunity being offered to our client is suitable and able to deliver the returns our clients are expecting to produce.

Our development appraisals take into account build cost, financing expenses, build times and economic, location and site risk factors. This allows our clients to see accurate results that are achievable and highlight any areas of concern.

In addition our appraisals provide our clients with a comparison of different schemes and exit strategies to enable clients to consider all elements of proposal.

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