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Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

We are able to offer a range of investment opportunities from short term to longer structured plans. Our investment opportunities are all via an FCA partner to ensure that our investors are correctly protected, advised and approved from the start of our relationship.

Type of Investment Deals

We offer investors three types of investment products in development sites:

Senior Investment
This investment is secured as a first charged against the asset providing the investor with the best protection for their funds. The investment is arranged as a regulated loan note and dealt with via our FCA approved partner for added security and peace of mind.

Average rate range from 4.5%-6% depending on the scheme and project specifics.

Structured Equity Investment
This investment is secured as a second charge against the asset, providing sufficient protection on developments, however, being second priority to the senior debt. The investment is arranged loan note as above, to ensure protection and security to our investors money.

Average rate range from 5.5%-8.5% depending on the scheme and project specifics.

A majority share Investor
Where an investor wishes to invest in a development to a majority of over 51% we offer a mixed opportunity to reward the level of investment by sharing a percentage of the project profit. The majority debt would be secured as a senior investment and at similar rates as shown above.

In addition to the return on investment, our deals can provide 5-15% share of the development profit in addition, often doubling or tripling the return for the investor.

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